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Natural Products Expo West® Presentation

Download Presentation on Plant-Based Proteins

Download Presentation on Plant-Based Proteins

David Grotto, MS, RDN, LDN, Senior Nutrition Manager, Specialty Channels and Frozen.

Explore the benefits and challenges of plant-based eating along with solutions that appeal to an increasingly diverse consumer who demands that their elevated cuisines deliver on both taste and nutrition!

CPSDA’s 10th Annual Conference: May 22-24


Join Sports RDs in Indianapolis

Join Kellogg at the 10th Annual CPSDA Annual Conference in Indianapolis. This year’s theme “Stimulating Knowledge, Growth and Leadership to Fuel Victory” focuses on equipping Sports RDs with the information they need to educate student athletes for success.

Webinar Recap

Understanding Meatless Trends

Did you miss the live version of the latest webinar?

What America Eats And Why

Consumers are inundated every day with messages in the media about food and nutrition – including what to eat, or more often, what not to eat. Find out how America’s food choices are shifting and the drivers behind these decisions from one of the country’s leading experts on food culture, The Hartman Group. Also learn how RDNs can best counter the confusion with meaningful and motivating nutrition advice from Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN, author of Body Kindness. *Earn 1 CPE credit.

Understanding Meatless Trends

Understanding Meatless Trends

Menu Meat-Free with MorningStar Farms®

These days, plant-based meals are becoming commonplace – even among meat eaters. People may try plant-based eating out of concerns about nutrition, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, or the "nancial cost of meat. Learn more and check out the portfolio of plant-based protein products from MorningStar Farms®. Plus, don't miss our yummy, new recipe: Spicy Bloody Mary Black Bean Burger.

Featured Podcast

Fueling the Vegetarian Athlete

Kellogg addresses the unique needs of college athletes – on the field and in the classroom. Listen now to this exclusive interview with Dr. Enette Larson Meyer, nutrition professor and author of Vegetarian Sports Nutrition. Dr. Larson Meyer brings forth many solutions for meeting the nutrient needs of vegetarian and vegan athletes at your school.

Gluten-Free Products

Gluten-Free Products

Give More Customers the Freedom to Snack

Meet the rising demand for gluten-free foods with delicious, flavorful choices from Kellogg’s®.

Continuing Education

Free Webinar

Whole Grain-Rich and Grain Crediting Explained

Are you confused about Whole Grain-Rich and grain crediting? No worries. David Grotto, registered dietitian and Senior Nutrition Business Partner is here to explain what Whole Grain-Rich means and how to do the math to meet the standards for reimbursable meals.

Visit these USDA resources for additional information:

Power of Grains

Power of Grains

Power of Grains

For more than 100 years, Kellogg's has led the way in helping people start the day off right with cereals made with the goodness of grains and only a handful of ingredients.

Follow the Frosted Mini Wheats® journey to learn more about the power of grains!

The Story of Snacking

The Story of Snacking

Whether it’s running out the door in the morning, rushing to meetings or picking up the kids from school, consumers are busier than ever. So it’s only natural that what and how they eat has changed. Download the Story of Snacking to learn more about the consumer trends and facts on snacks and snacking.

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