Fruit and Bug Grahams Parfait


100 bags (1 oz. bags)

Keebler® Bug Bites Grahams


100 bags (1oz. bags)

Keebler® Despicable Me 3 Grahams

27 lbs

low-fat vanilla yogurt (can be substituted for any other flavored yogurt)

50 cups

sliced peaches

Fruit and Bug Grahams Parfait


1. Place ½ cup of sliced peaches into bottom of small parfait glass.
2. Place ½ cup of low fat vanilla yogurt on top of peaches.
3. Top with a few Keebler® Bug Bites Grahams and serve with remaining package.

Fruit and Bug Grahams Parfait

Servings: 100 Servings

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