Retailing Trends: Snack Attack? Bolder is Better

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Snack Attack? Bolder is Better

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Customers come in and out of c-stores looking for a variety of products, but more often they come in for a salty snack. Salty snacks like potato chips, pretzels, and ready-to-eat popcorn are the #1 in-store category growth driver for c-stores1. But consumer tastes have changed and they are looking for new and different options to satisfy their salty snack cravings.

Beyond the Traditional Potato Chip

Consumers want crunchy snacks but are looking for something beyond the usual potato chip, a product, which is seen as an indulgence to the 50% of global consumers actively trying to reduce their weight. Crackers and snack mixes, in contrast to potato chips, have shown great promise as an alternative choice with untapped growth potential and Cheez-It® brand is hands down the people’s favorite. In fact, Cheez-It® crackers are the #1 WD cracker brand in c-stores2. Consumers also want tastes that are new and different, with bold and extreme flavors growing faster than other salty snack flavors. In fact, bold and extreme flavors have grown over 28% in the past two years compared to just over 14% for traditional cheese flavors in the c-store channel3.

The Cheez-It® product line is expanding to meet consumer’s increasing demand for bolder flavors. Flavors like Sriracha, which is the #1 fastest growing flavor4, can be found in the new Cheez-It® Snack Mix, a zesty snack mix devoted to the spicy flavor of Sriracha. You can find more unique flavors with Cheez-It® Duoz® Cheddar Jack and Baby Swiss crackers and Cheez-It® Grooves® crispy cracker chips in Zesty Cheddar Ranch, or Hot & Spicy Cheddar. All together, consumers can satisfy their craving for crunchy, salty and bold flavored-snacks with the Cheez-It® full line of products.

Riding the Immediate Consumption Wave

C-store consumers are also frequently coming in and out looking for a snack they can consume immediately—typically within three hours of purchase. Surveys show that just over half of monthly snack consumption is of the immediate kind, and 68% of total shoppers consume something immediately after purchase on a weekly basis, with the c-store being their location of choice5. This is a large segment of consumers, and one Kellogg’s can leverage into sales for your c-store. Of all purchases made for immediate consumption, a Kellogg’s product is in the customer’s basket for 61% of them6. With consumers overwhelmingly coming in and out for something salty, savory, and satisfying, having a product like Cheez-It® crackers on your shelves will help you meet consumers needs and drive sales.

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