How Your Favorite K-12 Products Are Made

Better for the Earth. Better for You. Learn what goes into our food and how we grow and source our ingredients, harvested from farms across the United States.

How Our Products Are Made

How Eggo® Is Made

The hard red winter wheat that helps create our waffles, pancakes, and french toast is primarily sourced from farms in the plains.

How Cheez-It® Are Made

The soft red winter wheat used for Cheez-It® crackers is primarily from farms in North Carolina.

How Pop-Tarts® Are Made

Pop-Tarts® toaster pastries are made from hard red spring wheat, which is primarily sourced from farms in the upper plains.

How Rice Krispies Treats® Are Made

The main ingredient in Rice Krispies Treats® is RICE, which is grown on family-owned farms in Arkansas, California and Louisiana.

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