What Is Gen Z Hungry For?

We’re serving up some key insights on Gen Z eaters to help you perfect your menu and rethink your dining experience. Download our Gen Z Infographics and learn more about the flavors and eating trends that excite your students! Check out the NEW K-12 recipe ideas below featuring MorningStar Farms® and Gardenburger® products - and created to satisfy Gen Z interest in fresh ingredients, bold flavor and ethnically-inspired cuisine.

Menu For Gen-Z Success

Gen Z Foodie Lifestyle Infographic

Gen Z is obsessed with food. So what are they actually eating? How do older Gen Z students differ from younger ones? And how do get them excited about your dishes? Get to know Gen Z Foodies and learn all about the eating habits of the food-fanatics that are taking your cafeteria by storm.

Who Are Gen Z Students? Infographic

Feed the needs of Gen Z students and download this infographic to stay current on the latest dining preferences of the next generation.

General Tso Veggie Street Tacos

It’s a delicious fusion of two ethnic-cuisine favorites! Inspire student cravings with the bold flavor in this protein-packed dish. MorningStar Farms® Sausage-Style Crumbles are sautéed with eggs, the piled into a whole grain flour tortilla with romaine lettuce, tomatoes and a drizzling of General Tsos sauce.

1 serving provides: 2 oz. Meat/Meat alternative, 2 oz. servings bread/grain, and ¼ c. vegetable.

Veggie Joe

Serve up a meatless twist on this classic mess! MorningStar Farms® Sausage-Style Crumbles are sautéed with onions, garlic, and green pepper – then blended with that rich, familiar sauce. Served on whole grain buns with shredded cheese, it’s a CN-approved recipe that’s sloppy yet satisfying!

1 serving provides: 2 oz. Meat/Meat alternative, 2 oz. grain, ½ cup veg

Presto Pasta

Please pasta lovers with this Italian-inspired dish featuring whole grain noodles, MorningStar Farms® Sausage-Style Crumbles in a red sauce, parmesan cheese and seasoning. It’s a simple recipe that satisfies picky eaters and is sure to spread smiles in your cafeteria.

1 serving provides: 2 oz. grain, 2 oz. Meat/Meat alternative, ¼ cup red/orange veg.

Veggie Nacho Boat

Kids go crazy for the crunch! Top tortilla chips with a zesty sauce made of MorningStar Farms® Sausage-Style Crumbles and chili beans. Add chopped tomatoes and melted cheese sauce to give your students something to taco-about!

1 serving provides: 2 oz. Meat/Meat alternative, 1 oz. Grain, ¼ cup red V, ¼ cup starchy veg.

Asian Noodle Bowl

Inspire Gen Z interest in Asian food trends with this flavorful dish packed with both protein and veggies. MorningStar Farms® Sausage-Style Crumbles are tossed with whole grain noodles and Sweet Chili-glazed broccoli, peppers, Edamame, and red onion. Add some fun crunch with the crispy won ton strips.

1 serving provides: 2 oz. Meat/Meat alternative, 2 oz. grain, and ¼ cup GV, 1/8 cup OV, 1/8 cup RV.

Gyro Veggie Pita

OPA! Here’s a meatless take on the internationally-revered Gyro sandwich. Gen Z students will jump for this whole wheat Pita pocket stuffed with Gardenburger® Classic burger strips, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and Tzatziki sauce.

1 serving provides: 2.25 oz. Meat/Meat alternative, 2 servings bread grain and ¼ cup vegetable.


Gen Z eaters aren’t afraid to SPICE IT UP! Serve up this meatless enchilada featuring MorningStar Farms® Sausage-Style crumbles, cheddar cheese, whole grain tortillas and the bold flavor of enchilada sauce.

1 serving provides: 2 oz. Meat/Meat alternative and 1½ servings bread/grain.

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