Camp Awesummer

Bolster summer participation and earn up to $2,000 by serving up kids' favorite brands. Make everyone a happy camper with this fun-filled program that gives you all the support your need to build and sustain excitement around summer feeding.

Program Materials

How To Camp Awesummer

Learn more about the program and stock up on participating products to serve up camp-themed fun.

Program Guide

When it comes to encouraging participation in your summer feeding program, a little fun can go a long way. Use these simple tips to bring the spirit of summer camp to every meal.

Menu Calendar Templates

Customize these Camp Awesummer-themed calendars with your summer feeding menu. Choose from versions with or without Snapchat snapcodes promoting fun Camp Awesummer filters.


Download, print and display in your school to increase participation.

Parent Newsletters

Communicate information about your summer feeding program to parents and caregivers with this customizable newsletter template. Two versions to choose from – one with Snapchat snapcodes and one without.

Social Media

Download these ready-to-post image and copy suggestions to help communicate about your summer feeding program on social media.

Snapchat Filters

Download these Snapchat assets and instructions to geo-tag your cafeteria locations with fun, interactive filters.

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