SPONSOR Kids Live Well

A Brief Introduction

Kellogg Company is committed to helping kids make healthy eating choices by offering a variety of nutritious products across all segments. Kellogg is proud to partner with the Kids Live Well initiative, a voluntary program developed by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) in collaboration with Healthy Dining, a team of registered dietitians who work with restaurants to identify and guide consumers to healthy dining options.

As one of the few foodservice suppliers to spearhead the cause, Kellogg is making a bold commitment to partner with restaurants in providing more choices for good nutritious kids’ choices.

Launched in 2011 and growing from initially 19 restaurant brands with 15,000+ locations to over 145 restaurant partners with more than 42,000 locations; Kellogg joined as a supplier partner in the fall of 2012.

Delight your customers with Kellogg products and brands that meet nutritional guidelines and inspired recipe ideas that make it it an easy choice to eat healthful.

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